Sunday, December 4, 2011


I love anything that brings the word kitsch to mind! So as you can imagine, when i laid eyes on these life-size taxidermy-esque sculptures by artist Frédérique Morrel i had to share them with you

Inspired to create her abstract, yet stunning menagerie after her grandmother’s needlepoint of a wild boar hunt was thrown out after she passed away, each one is made up of expertly sourced vintage tapestries. I really adore how once wrapped around the artists fiberglass animal-shaped moulds, these old-fashioned textiles have a whole new lease of life.

Which one’s your favourite? Mine has to be the baby dear – it brings Bambi to mind!

♥ ... milla


  1. The most beautiful thing I have seen in ages, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so inspiring.
    I WANT THEM!!!

  2. I am following, and adding you to my blogroll inmediately.

  3. beautiful!!!! i'm following you!!! if you like mine, do the same!!!

  4. Wooow I love this. Thanks a lot for this discovery for me :)) i am checking his work right away. I also like your blog very much, you share beautiful things. Thanks for your visit and nice comment. If you want we can follow eachother :) have a nice weekend.