Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just in: Suitcase – A Novel Furnishing Idea

Above, Recreate’s suitcase chair in Revrobe Cameo Blue.

The minute I chanced upon these upcycled suitcase chairs by interior design shop Recreate, sitting all packed up and pretty in a far corner of the internet, I developed a severe case of the ‘I want you’s.’ Who would have thought that vintage-suitcases-turned-chairs could be so feverishly good-looking? Sadly, these superbe suitcase seats come with a price tag I really can’t justify, so in hope of curing my desire of it I’ll just sit and ogle.

Recreate Hangover lamp


  1. lovely suitcase-inspired chairs! how i wish i have this in our living room!

  2. the ideas are really cool! love the sofas!

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  3. this is so adorable and genius :)

  4. I love the lamp most! Brilliant idea indeed!