Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mulberry Spring / Summer 2011 Goodbye Alexa Bag Welcome Tillie Bag

I know many of you are unsure of the new Mulberry Tillie, but trust me, this has ’it’ bag written all over it. It is truly stunning in real life. You know how some things are just naturally not photogenic but look really good in real life? The Tillie is a perfect example of that. The Alexa bag is never forgot, but we all say hello lovely Tillie bag!!!

mulberry tillie bag

mulberry tillie bag baby blue

mulberry tillie bag snake

mulberry tillie bag

mulberry bag

mulberry tillie bag snake


  1. Hello lovely :)!

    thanks so much for your comment on IFB :)!

    i really like your blog! looks so nice....your blog inspired me!!!

    i follow you! Please follow me too! Thanks & Kisses ;)

    Wish you a great day :)

    with love

  2. Yes! I´m sure that this will be a new IT-Bag!
    Love the Mulberry Ad campaign.

    Followin´you know!

    - Dani


  3. Am so in love with your blog! Nice choice in post on the Mulberry ads :)

    Giving you a follow :) Here is a link to my blog if you want to come check it out! I would love to know what you think :)


  4. Hey! of course i dont mind followin you, your blog is adorable! and i love vintage...maybe today i write a post about :)
    Kiss from spain!