Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From Hair to There: Get to Know These 1940′s Hairstyles

Borne up by a wave of inspiration after watching the 1940s hairstyle video, above, I landed with the thought of writing a blog post on ’40s hairstyles. So, I’ve straightened out some research and banged out a few ’40s-era hairdo definitions for ya!

Chignon — The hairdo seen in the video at top, the chignon is marked by a low bun and upswept sides, and can have many variations.

Omelet Fold — This ‘egg-ceptional’ hairdo features a slightly off-center part, rolled up or folded up sides, and, if desired, a decorative arrangement of curls on top.

Queue Curl — Sure to get one’s hair in line and lookin’ fine, this pretty style boasts rolled and folded up sides, a slicked down middle, and a slightly teased or curled back.

Victory Rolls — This successfully stylish ‘do and trademark of the pin-up and rockabilly aesthetics exhibits rolled up sides that sit high atop the crown toward the front of the head. The remaining hair can be pinned up or worn down. The name for this hairstyle comes from a maneuver executed by fighter jets.

Which of these ‘dos makes your heart ‘flyaway?’

♥ ... milla


  1. Loved it! But I couldn't do it myself :p

  2. omg !!! the video is cool . and your posting it make inspiration, i hope i can try it.


  3. OMG, I can't wait to try this on my hair <3

    <3 MO

  4. this will definitely come in handy. i get creative with my hair every now and again :)

  5. chignon style is beautiful :D



  6. whoa those are craaaazy! the chignon is quite chic though (;

  7. This is fantastic ! I love this elegant and glamorous look that can be styled in a few ways. I really should try again on my hair (the first test was just a disaster but I'm perseverant) !

    Thank you for the tutorial :)

  8. Great! Thanks for the tutorial - can't wait to try it

  9. These styles are gorgeous! I did a variation of the victory roll in my hair a few weeks for a friends wedding ago but i put the back of my hair up! my cousin's getting married tomorrow and I am so in love with the 'chignon' I think I'm going to try that style on my hair tomorrow.